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In a swampy-looking place…

Finn and Marceline were on a small dock connected to the front of a house.

"Chica chica boom boom a a, boom chica chica boom a a…" Finn said, beat-boxing.

"Thanks for helping me record, Finn," Marceline said, as she strummed and tuned her ax-guitar.

"No problem, Marceline," Finn said.

"Now, I'm going sing something really personal, so don't laugh at me," Marceline said, still strumming.

"I would never dream of it, my lady," Finn said, before bringing his hands to his cheeks and giving a small girly-laugh.

Inside a living room…

Finn and Marceline were standing in a small room, with a make-shift recorder in between them.

"Now, start a slow beat, and keep it steady, or it'll mess up everything," Marceline said, strumming her ax-guitar.

"You got it," Finn said, before he started beat-boxing again.

"Boom boom bechi chica chica boom chi, boom boom bechi chica chica bechi, boom boom chiboom, bechi booma boom,ba-da ba-da ba-da ba-da…" Finn beat-boxed as he pulled a pair of red headphones out of his backpack, placed one phone over his ear, pick up the yellow recorder with the microphone taped to it, plugged in the headphones, and pressed a button on the side with his last "ba-da".

Marceline began to play her ax-guitar and sing while Finn continued to beat-box.
                           "Daddy, why did you eat my fries?
                                    I bought them,
                                  and they were mine.
                                   But you ate them.
                                Yeah, you ate my fries.
                                      And I cried,
                                but you didn't see me cry.
                               Daddy, do you even love me?
                               Well, I wish you'd show it,
                               'cause I wouldn't know it."

Finn started to beat-box slower as he cheeks turned red from the effort and the slight nervousness and/or embarrassment.
                       "What kind of Dad eats his daughters fries,
                            and doesn't look her in the eyes.
                               Daddy there were tears there.
                                     If you saw them
                                   would you even care?"

"Chi chi bud-a bud-a bud-a…" Finn finished slowly, and then sighed.

"Huh? … Finn, you messed the beat up!" Marceline said, turning around to face him.
The little awkward moment in the "It Came From The Nightosphere" episode where Finn helps Marceline write a personal song addressed to her Dad.
boxeggsfish Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like your true love finn.
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